My name is Sharon . . . and I am as much a storyteller as I am a photographer.  I tell stories about love.  Not just one kind . . . all kinds. 

I tell stories with my camera.  I bought my first 35mm film camera/lens as a teenager.  It was the closest I'd ever been to being an artist and it opened up a world in which I could evolve and get lost or . . . in many cases, get found.   

I have a big love affair with music and imagery (I remember when MTV first hit the airwaves); I often see life with a soundtrack.  I think that beauty shows up when we are being authentic, maybe just a wee bit vulnerable, and willing to take a few risks.  This is why children are so beautiful; it hasn't occurred to them to hide themselves yet.  I don't "make" people beautiful with my photography.  I just stand as a witness with my camera as to how beautiful you already are . . . and I ask for you to trust me.  *gulp* 

When I photograph someone, I love being able to reveal something they had no idea was even within them (or perhaps something they may have forgotten). I love when a bit of someone's essence shows up ~ a part that might have been hiding out, waiting for the right kind of spotlight.  And when I shine that spotlight, it leaps forward refusing to miss the opportunity to bask in a little glory.  It is in this synergetic experience that beauty shows up as multidimensional, multifaceted, intangible and dynamic.  

If you'd like to find out what might be awaiting you in that spotlight, shoot me an email.  I'd LOVE to hear from you!

Now, for those of you that like silly bullet points, here are a few factoids (love that word!) about me. 

~    I fell in love with the Hubs whilst listening to Big Head Todd and the Monsters.  He is also a photographer and we do fight over lenses.  I win.  

~    I am a mother and my daughter is my muse.  In everything.  She is gorgeous in every way that a person can be gorgeous.  She was born in Viet Nam and I would climb the mountains and swim the seas all over again just to get to her. 

~    I majored in Mass Communications at University, aspiring to be a director/producer of film with a focus on music videos. Alas, a desire to be close to family and not risk the rogue lifestyle requisite of that industry kept me in Raleigh, despite an opportunity at what was then the De Laurentiis Studios in Wilmington, NC.  I know . . . you don't even have to say it.

~    I am NOT a chef.  I am the only one in my family, including the in-laws and children, that isn't a chef.  I'm not a big fan of doing dishes either, which makes me a real gem to live with.

~    As a Southern Girl, I love the whole "Scarlett O'Hara, damsel in distress" thang, but I just could never pull it off.  No one ever bought it coming from me.  Go figure.  

~    I'm as happy in the mountains as I am at the sea, but I'm dying to visit a desert (with my camera).

~    Go ahead.  Stack those odds against me.  I dare you.  I'll just prove you wrong faster.

~    I believe a good pedicure is essential for balancing your root chakra.  

~    My closets and drawers are immaculate. The rest of the house . . . not so much.

~    I am a WYSIWYG kind of girl.  What you see is what you get.  It kills me just how transparent I can be.  

~    Sandra Bullock could be my BFF.  We just couldn't share clothes.

~    I secretly want to play with Dire Straits in Wiesbaden, West Germany.  The tragedy is that I cannot play guitar or sing and it is no longer a secret.

~    I adore British humour and how they spell so many things incorrectly!  (Apologies to my Welsh friend, Martin!) 

~    I have the most beautiful friends that live all over the world who believe in me ~ everyone should have some of those.

~    I am NOT a fair-weather friend.  I'm in it for the long haul and the hard stuff.  Ask me to go shopping and I will if it means that much to you, but I'd rather browse through your soul over coffee . . .